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  1. Mount Android as a Disk Drive in Mac OS X for Easy File Storage & Access
  2. Why Mount Your SD Card?
  3. How to fix SD card not mounting on Mac?

Android File Transfer is a handy application that allows access to the user accessible storage of an Android device when connected to a Mac via USB cable. You can also copy files into the device storage via simple drag and drop. Android File Transfer is only meant to work with Android devices.

The following steps will guide you to transfer files between your Mac and Windows Phone. You can now transfer content between your Mac and Windows Phone via Sync option or drag-and-drop. Refer to the official notes for more information on Synchronizing with your Mac. Microsoft has also discontinued support for the app and has taken it down from the Mac App Store. But if you already have the latest version of the app version 3. Commander One is a dual-pane file manager with a number of advanced features like hidden files listing, advanced file search, archive ZIP support.

Just select a particular location on your Mac in one of the Commander One panes and choose the Phone or SD Card location in the other pane. To transfer files between Mac and Windows Phone, drag files from one of the panes and drop them on the other.

Mount Android as a Disk Drive in Mac OS X for Easy File Storage & Access

The selected files will be transferred from the source to the destination. So, if you have an MTP device that does not run on either of the two platforms, or you want to mount your MTP device on the Mac, the above free solutions might not be convenient for you. Fortunately, you can easily update the software on Mac. Update the software on macOS Mojave.

If any updates are available, click "Update Now" to install them.

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Update the software on earlier macOS versions. Some people say their SD card not mounting, they indicate that when they insert the SD card on Mac, they can't see it on desktop or in Finder.

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But technically, this case can't be called as unmounted. Whether your SD card is mounting or not? You can try the following actions to determine if your SD card is mounting on Mac. Meanwhile, chances are that the SD card is not showing up in Disk Utility.

Why Mount Your SD Card?

In this situation, the card might have been physically damaged. Read on to see how to resolve these two cases. If your SD card is listed in Disk Utility but can't be mounted, you can try right-clicking the card and select the Mount button. If this operation doesn't work, it means the file system of the SD card is corrupted. Don't worry! There are still ways to repair it. It's very common if Disk Utility is unable to repair disks on Mac because Disk Utility is built in repairing minor errors on a disk. Under this circumstance, the simplest solution is to reformat your SD card.

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  • How to Mount an SD Card on Your Android Phone.
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  • Mount Android as a Disk Drive in Mac OS X for Easy File Storage & Access;
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  • But this operation will cause irreparable data loss problem. So hope you have backed up before. If you forgot, with a Mac data recovery tool, you can also restore lost data from unmountable SD card. It can recover data from unmountable, formatted, unreadable, inaccessible SD card, memory card, digital camera, external hard drive, hard drive, pen drive, etc. It supports both Android and iOS devices.

    Compatible with Mac and Windows computers. Here Are The Solution! Samsung Kies for Mac Samsung Kies can manage contacts, calendars, and also synchronizes them with your Samsung devices. Pros Supports most Samsung phones having Bada and Android. Compatible with Windows and Mac PCs. Transfer and backup for Samsung devices are possible. Cons Meant only for Samsung phones. Samsung has given up the Kies maintenance recently.

    Wireless and USB accessible on your Mac. You can manage, backup, and update your device. Cons Limited to only some LG devices.

    How to Format Micro SD card in El Capitan OS X Mac , how to set up sd card in Mac

    File management is complicated with LG bridge. Google Drive Google Drive is developed by Google and a renowned cloud service. Android devices are usually by-default logged into Google Drive while configuring it for the first time. Launch Google Drive on your Android phone and drag and drop desired files to it and name the folder.

    Open the same folder in Google Drive on your Mac. Drag and drop the files to your Mac. Pros This program is free on common use. You can share and grant limited access to clients and colleagues for your files. You can access your files from across any part of the globe using any device or OS. People with edit access can modify documents.

    It is slow to transfer data from android to mac if the network signal is weak. Dropbox Dropbox is a cloud storage option that allows store and sync files. On your Mac computer install Dropbox and launch it. Note: Allow Keychain access to Dropbox on Mac. Pros Access to files across platforms and devices. You can edit documents online. Selectively sync files.

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    2. Solution 2: Restart your Mac computer.
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    Cons Requires Keychain access to verify your Dropbox account on Mac. It allows only 2GB of free storage space. To transfer data from android to mac is inconvenient if you have no internet access.

    How to fix SD card not mounting on Mac?

    AirMore AirMore comes as an obvious choice, when it comes to selecting an over-the-air transfer method between Android and Mac systems. Now, your phone will show up in Mac. Pros Popular wireless mode of file transfer between Mac and Android.