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  1. Finding and Setting MTU on Mac
  2. Mazimum Transmission Unit (MTU) Frame Size in OS X | HackAAPL: Hacking Apple Products
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Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: parachute5 parachute5. The following So i tried some more ping to find out the critical size on my Mac, and turned out that when the ping size is bytes or larger, the ping fails: 1. So now it seems the issue is cuased by my Mac since it didn't send out the packets Is there anyone have any related experience?

Finding and Setting MTU on Mac

Thanks for any kind of feedbacks in advance! More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. But any change state of the interface is going to cause the OS to reset it back to man I hope they fix this soon. This is a very nice way of doing it, and the one I would probably recommend.

Mazimum Transmission Unit (MTU) Frame Size in OS X | HackAAPL: Hacking Apple Products

It is more elaborate but certainly makes life easier to enable or disable the change. This information is taken from Apple support article Use the procedure below to create a startup item script that sets the maximum transmission unit MTU value for your network interface s.

This may be required when using certain Internet service providers. I have also tested this on OS X Update: Tested on Note: Removing the number sign from the beginning of a line uncomments it.

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Typically, en0 is the interface name for the Built-in Ethernet port and en1 is interface name for the AirPort Card. This is not always the case, though.

How to ping an IP address using an Apple Mac

The MTU will be reset after changing a Location, waking the computer from sleep, or changing the state of the network interface. To use the script again without having to restart, enter the following command:. Starting with Tiger This migration continued in Launchd is missing a number of capabilities that were available when using StartupItems, such as specifying dependencies.

Contributions are welcome to make this better.

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Lingon is the editor I have used for managing launchd items. Below is the non-Lingon version. You can also use the Property List Editor to edit the plist if you want.

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Next you have to create the script to run. The example below uses the pat that I use.

You might want to use a different path where you store scripts you write. Name required. Mail will not be published Required. Category: Uncategorized. BloggingStream by. Click System Preferences.

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Click Network. Click Advanced. Click Ethernet or Hardware on the right-hand-side of the window that opens. Select Manually from the Configure menu. Select Custom from the MTU menu. Type in to the MTU box.

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