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Mar 3, Is Mac's Mail app too aggressive when it comes to marking email as "junk"? Help the Mac OS X Mail application spam filter avoid mistakes by telling it who which senders know and trust. Dec 31, I have several senders whose emails is going to my Mail Lion spam folder. I've Googled the issue and everyone says to simply right.

No one wants spam and junk mail.

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When you receive an email from a person or organization and report the email as "spam," the address is added to a list within your email provider and. Stop receiving email from someone by adding his or her email address to your blocked senders list. You can also unblock an email address from your blocked. Oct 28, The Mail app for Mac has a built in junk filter which attempts to identify and isolate spam mail from the rest of your emails. For the most part, the.

You can adjust your Outlook junk email preferences to automatically allow messages from specific domains or block messages from specific email addresses or.

How to unjunk emails mac

Lets assume your email provider is gmail. If that person is marked as Junk Mail in gmail, it will be forwarded as such to your Apple Mail. I just checked and all of mine have the Junk icon. Maybe you already clicked "Not Junk" on these files? I found that when I do that, it leaves them in the Junk folder sometimes.

Don't take a chance that important emails end up in the Junk folder

I hate that. It's probably not taught yet. Keep dejunking the new messages until it stops. Ryan 21 Premium Member join Canada. Sell it on eBay Just tell them your junk is available for ad space and resembles the virgin mary I don't know how good the junk feature even is - considering that most junk emails clog things up with all that extra crap they tack on, I don't rely on any filtering software.

About Safe Sender Lists

I just set up a few rules to filter out the ones that I want, and take a quick look at the subject lines before throwing out the rest. Nextdoor posts Pix included [ Feedback ] by Jan Janowski Electrical Outlets in Network Closet [ Networking ] by mbressman RCable just died [ Start. How to sell old coins? DonLibes Mar am How do I unjunk something that isn't junk? Johnny Premium Member Mar am That is bizarre. DonLibes Mar am said by Johnny : That is bizarre. No, these are brand new messages landing in my Junk box. I've never seen them before.

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  • I agree the behavior is bizarre. DonLibes Mar pm said by bobrk : It's probably not taught yet. But I can't "dejunk" because Mail doesn't think it is junk! The UnJunk button is not displayed.

    How to Change the Junk Mail Filter Settings in Mac® OS X™