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  2. How to Delete Mail on Mac (Mails, Attachments, the App)
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  4. ARCHIVED: In Mac OS X Mail, how do I remove an IMAP or Exchange account?
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Do emails take up storage?

Select the account you want to configure for automatic Trash deletion. Choose the Mailbox Behaviors tab. Close the Accounts screen to save your preferences. If you prefer to control when the Trash is emptied, you can do so manually and quickly.

How to Delete Mail on Mac (Mails, Attachments, the App)

Open the Mail application. Click or press Mailboxes in the menu bar. The solution is to delete those you no longer need, perhaps after archiving them if you think you may need them in the future. If you want to remove all the messages with attachments, as well as the attachments themselves, you can select all the messages that have attachments in one go and delete them.

Recent versions of macOS have a feature that allows you to optimize storage space on your Mac. One of the ways in which it does this is to remove Mail attachments. You can locate them and drag them to the Trash to free up space. A Finder window will open at that location, showing you the contents of the Mail Downloads folder.

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Inside Mail Downloads are lots of other folders. However, if you just want to delete everything Mail has downloaded, you can drag all the folders to the Trash. Again, there are lots of sub-folders inside the V6 folder, and some of them contain mailboxes.

Wrapping it up

Some of those mailboxes have attachments folders in them. Tracking down attachments this way could take hours, or even longer. If you want to free up space used by Mail quickly and easily and delete attachments in bulk without having to locate them in Finder, there is an easier way. CleanMyMac X has a utility specially designed to remove Mail attachments.

ARCHIVED: In Mac OS X Mail, how do I remove an IMAP or Exchange account?

CleanMyMac can also delete attachments from third-party email clients, like Outlook and Spark. I have now moved most of them to archive and the more current ones back to the in box - thanks. Yes No. This question is locked and replying has been disabled.

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How to automatically delete junk emails in Mail on Mac

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